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eTraining Academy is Top Online Course and Training Provider

We all know that effective elearning requires meaningful interactivity to improve learners’ skills and deliver results. Most online course providers however fail to convert it into action and engage the learner effectively

eTraining is active form of delivering elearning. eTraining requires creativity and knowledge of basic design principles as well as active engagement principle. Most elarning providers have difficulty doing that effectively. Also not all types of interactivity are equally effective.

We are a team of highly experienced online course developers and providers, who have been building training programmes and courses for years now. In that time we’ve helped countless students and organizations to develop skills and qualifications.

Our content is kept updated all the time and we make sure that our clients and students remain in the driving seat at all times.. We understand that this is important to student’s career, job prospects and future earning.

We also offer offline training to complement the online training as required for the businesses and that helps managers to bring new eyes to their products and services.

We have “learner-centric design” that place the learner in realistic situations so that they can more easily relate to the content. We use a realistic context that helps with recall. We offer challenge in the course content and the learner centric design seeks to answer questions. Studies have also shown that if the practice environment is similar to the performance environment, the learner’s ability to recall and apply knowledge is much greater.

We also use “intrinsic feedback” as well extrinsic feedback. Intrinsic feed back is very effective as it shows learners how they are performing based on real-world measures. This increases motivation, and by encouraging students to learn from their mistakes, the course or training content becomes more memorable than simply telling learners the correct answer.

That’s why we are top online courses and training provider. If you haven’t already tried then you are missing out on an opportunity to get one step ahead of the competition, to gain knowledge and skill that you can be proud of.

All this can be at your door step, in fact in your home or work place through compute or phone.

eTraining Academy is the right choice if you want the most professional and powerful online training provider on the globe.

Anywhere, any time, anyone

So how we keep our online learners motivated?

We know that if learners are motivated, they will find a way to learn. We therefore engage a lot of intrinsic and latent techniques in the course and content development. This differentiates us from the other courses and training providers.

We intensify the consequences of closing the performance gap
We link the training to outcomes that the learner cares about (“what’s in it for me”)
We appropriately introduce content using stories or drama
We include the elements of risk in the training exercises

We are proud of effective communication.

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  • Connected to real life

  • Fun in learning

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Micro-eLearning techniques are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they appeal to virtually every type of learner. Through these an employee or student is able to more effectively absorb information using auditory, visual, and interactive methods. Video clips and slide shows can provide a micro-lesson in a matter of minutes, and can allow the learner to grasp the concepts of each slide before moving onto the next. We use these specially for the courses that require more in-depth explanations or illustrations, this ensures that our learner fully understands the content and can remember it.

It’s a proven fact that people learn more if they are engaged with the subject so we also have student engagement participating in online educative game. This add extra incentive for the students to interact directly with the lesson, and will enable them to get more out of the experience.

We make every effort to ensure that our students have motivation to finish the qualification or training in time, and gain maximum experience from the study.

You won’t find a more comprehensive or powerful student support. Our coaches and mentors are keen to make sure you are satisfied with the course or training programme that you chose.

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