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  • Health Care Management Level 7 Diploma

    Title Level Credit GLH
    Research for Senior Managers 7 25 60
    Managing Finance in the Public Sector 6 10 40
    International Healthcare Policy 6 15 60
    Manage Continuous Organisational Improvement 7 15 60
    Developing Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction 7 15 60
    Organisational Behaviour 7 15 60
    Human Resource Management 6 15 60
    Project Management 6 15 60
    Programme Leadership 7 10 40
    Strategic Resource Management 7 15 60
    Risk Management 6 10 40
    Managing Stakeholder Engagement 6 10 40
    Corporate Communication Strategies 7 10 30
    Leading Organisational Equality and Diversity 6 10 40
    Sustainable Business Strategy 7 10 40
    Managing Quality and Service Delivery 6 10 40

  • Management General Level 7 Diploma

    To explore the importance of different forms of
    organisational behaviours in organisational
    effectiveness and efficiency
    To understand the importance of organisational
    form, culture, motivation, creativity and leadership

Our courses create an environment where personal resilience is enhanced and well-being is protected, enabling people to respond effectively to challenges and perform at their best.

We specialise in learner enhancement and retention techniques. We design training aimed at developing thinking and amalgamating practical aspect of the courses into life. This minimise the risk of stress and enhance learner’s desire to complete the course. We are proud of no drop outs.

Why You Need eTraining

In the 21st century, people have to learn more than ever before. Whether you are individual or organisation, you need to keep moving with the knowledge expansion. The classroom-based training is becoming too costly and cumbersome, perhaps obsolete. eTraining offers flexibility, time saving, cost-effective elearning.

Our mission is to supply the students with an up-to-date and cost-effective courses that keep them motivated, enthusiastic and keen to develop them in skilled people.

The growth of the World Wide Web, high-capacity networks, and high-speed desktop computers is making learning available to people 24 hours a day, seven days a week around the globe. This has enabled us to distribute training and courses across globe to millions easily and conveniently.

What makes our courses special

When you enroll in the course you get the full secure access to the online course material which includes, study text, course video library, lectures, webinars and assessment completion tips. You also get a mentor or coach to hel completing your assignments as required. You are never left on your own.

How do we do this?

Collaborative effort, full assessment of your needs and provision of extra helping hand to those who need.

We promote education to the highest degree

  • Personalised training

    Our technology-based solutions allow more room for individual differences in learning styles and provide a high level of simulation that is tailored to the learner’s level of proficiency.

  • 24 x 7 access

    With our secure 24 x 7 access, you can learn at their own pace and review course material as often as needed.

  • Faster learning curve

    Our triple action etraining courses provide faster learning curve, compared to instructor-led training. The delivery of content in smaller units have a more lasting learning effect.

  • Commitment

    Our faculty are committed and make the students committed to learning. Simple but firm approach works. The students are accountable for their progress.

  • Empowered facilitation

    Our faculty leverage the power of students to help each other and stimulate the understanding of the subject

  • Modern teachnology

    We use modern technology and equpments in delivering the courses to make these effective and easy to remember

All this can make a huge difference to the success of your app and really propel your business forward. To learn more, just call us at +44 1924 666266 and we can discuss a strategy that works for you!